Garage Cabinets

Redline Garagegear® Custom Garage Cabinets Help Organize Your Garage,

And Will Have Your Neighbors Green With Envy . . .

What if there was a solution that could:

  • Be customized and designed to fit your garage like a glove
  • Allow you to have a place for everything you store in your garage
  • Get all your stuff off the floor and 'hidden' out of sight
  • Have your garage organized so you could find exactly what you're looking for in no time
  • Ensure you of years of care free storage backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Finally get your garage organized, so you can open the garage door without being embarrassed?

Good News! . . . Redline Garagegear® is the solution that can accomplish those goals:

Using the high-quality, American made, RedLine garagegear® custom garage cabinets you can quickly and easily go from being embarrassed by your garage to being the 'Joneses' all your neighbors want to keep up with! And the best part is, you can have it all without cashing in your retirement fund!

Our storage system designers are available to offer expert advice and help you design your custom storage solution. We also have a professional installation team to get your garage cabinets, slat wall panels, and overhead storage racks installed. Rather do the installation yourself? We have solutions available for your needs as well.

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Redline Garagegear® Features:

  • Smooth, seamless, and durable powder coat finishes . . . so your cabinets never peel, resist scratches, dings, and dents; and are impervious to water, chemicals, temperature extremes and UV rays
  • 500+ different custom cabinet options . . . so you can create a system that fits your space, tastes, and storage needs exactly
  • Off the floor design . . . so everything you need to store is hung on the wall
  • Baltic birch, dovetailed drawer boxes . . . considered the best drawer box in the industry, so you have a strong drawer capable of standing the tests of time and use
  • The highest quality hardware . . .  hinges, door handles, drawer slides, etc you don't have to worry about your new cabinets breaking down under heavy use
  • Made in the USA! . . . so you know you're getting a quality product from a reputable manufacturer
  • Speedy  turnaround . . . so you don't have to wait weeks to get your garage neat and organized
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty . . . so you can rest assured your cabinets will last as long as you need them

Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

12 Powder Coated Colors to Choose From


New Burgundy





Mid-Life Crisis Orange

Silver Vein



Royal Blue


All those custom features, but not at a custom price! Your neighbors and friends will never believe you when you tell them you paid close to off-the-shelf prices for your new garage cabinets but I'd wager my last dollar they'd be hard pressed find a storage solution to match yours unless they're willing to spend an 'arm and a leg' to get it!

Small Parts Bin Cabinet

File Drawers

Pull Out Trash Cabinet

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