Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

The most underutilized storage space in the garage is definitely the ceiling space. Creating overhead storage solutions gives you a new found area for organization and creative storage solutions

Few homeowners are aware of the immense storage possibilities available to them thanks to the ceiling. Overhead storage racks make it possible to store a number of things off the floor and completely out of the way.

We generally recommend storing things like boxes, plastic totes, other storage containers, and seasonal items. We offer overhead storage racks in a number of width and depth dimensions. And all of our ceiling racks are available in adjustable heights.

Garage Gem uses steel constructed racks with a highly durable white finish. They are easy to install and a very economical way to get items you don't need access to conveniently out of the way.

Care to learn more about the overhead storage racks we offer? We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! Give us a call (772.444.3622) or Schedule a Consultation.

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