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Garage Gem LLC Was Started Through One Family's Journey From Messy Garage To Functional & Reclaimed Space

That's right! Back in 2005 we were homeowners struggling, just like you, to figure out a way to make the a functional garage organization system. While living in the Northeast, we only used the garage as a free flowing storage space. With the luxury of having additional living and storage space in the basement, we didn't really need to take full advantage of the garage.

​Everything changed when we moved South to Florida, where most homes don't have basements. Transforming the garage into an organized, functional area of our home suddenly became a necessity.

We also learned that the products we used in the Northeast would not hold up well in the Florida humidity. One of the things that excited us the most after visiting the RedLine garagegear manufacturing facility was seeing first hand how their cabinets are produced and powder coated.

​So, our quest to turn the garage into an organized, aesthetically pleasing extension of our home began and eventually led us to helping other reclaim their garages.

​​We have learned a lot over the last decade of helping people organize their homes and we are excited to use our expertise to assist you with your project! Garage Gem offers a wide range of solutions allowing you to create a garage organization system that is useful and practical or fully customized and personalized. No idea is too bold or out of reach for our experienced design team!

​​Now enough about us...We want to hear about you and your organization project! Call a Garage Gem design expert today to schedule your free, no-obligation consult or simply click the button below and enter your information and we will get back to you right away!

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